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Lesson 3: Assisted Reading Instruction
Part 1 - Introduction

In this lesson, you will explore software programs that address all 5 areas of effective reading instruction. Software may be integrated into Language Arts and content area curricula. The five of areas of reading and their connection to reading achievement will be discussed in the following paragraph.

Phonemic awareness connects meaning to sound and support is provided in Earobics and Lexia software. Phonics, letter sound correlation, support is found in Lexia, Simon Sounds It Out and Primary Literacy programs. Fluency is the glue that binds all areas of reading instruction to successful comprehension. Building automaticity in word recognition is the foundation. Using Word Works Vocabulary and Start-to-Finish for practice provides neurological impress prior to timed reading which will produce the most gains in fluency. There is a strong correlation between vocabulary and comprehension. All of the assisted reading software included in this lesson will address support for vocabulary instruction. Ultimately, comprehension is the goal for all silent reading. Comprehension skills are enhanced through Word Works Vocabulary, Worksheet Magic and Start-to-Finish software.


Read the following:

Sample Reading Lesson: Web Based Mastery Learning Activity on Greek Mythology
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